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Telephone call to hell
Punjab National Exam
Dumb questions to Indians
Sardar and the answering machine
Malayalee's confusion
Indian Viruses
Sardar Answers
Great Sard Maths
Sardar and jurassic park
Movie on gavaskar
Punjab Police
Sardar commits suicide
Playing Lotto
Sardar fills forms
Sardar and the race
Sardar and xerox
Sardar xerox (again)
Sardar and barber
Sardar's donkey
Sardar gambles
The lie detector
Indian Roulette
Feeding the birds
Sardar Vs Kasparov
The convicts
The Egg
The Ferrari
The Headlines
Sardar Interview
Aati Kya Khandala?
Sardar Letter
Letter from US
Cyber Ramayana
Pakistani Tanks
The ventriloquist
Cricket Team
Rules of Indian Movies
Laws of Immigration
Zia and the Pig
Titanic in Bollywood
Desi English
Plight of Jayalalitha
Safe Sardar
Sardar and Mileage
Hamara Rocket
Punjab Police
Just a little Bit
New Year Resolutions
And God Created India...
Fat Free Sardar
Biography of a Sardar
Marriage Warning
Rules for Indian Road
Application Form for Politicians
Azhar's Interview
Divorce and Cricket
New Rules for Indian Cricket
You are a Desi If ...
Cricketers' Disguise
You are from India If ...
What Cricketers talk on Pitch
Sardar as a Train Driver
If Sonia Became Indian PM
If Laloo becomes Indian PM
US Bombings
Pakistani in a train
Sardar's Son in a School
Punjab Airlines
Sardar in Medical School II
Bollywood in Cyberspace
Sardar in Medical School
Ethnic Names
Ethnic Jokes
Azhar's Batting
Pakistani and the Insect
Pakistani Army
Pakistani and his Wish
Pakistani Jokes
Sardar's Maruti
Sardar and Sunrise
Sardar in Railway Station
Pakistan and Dog's Tail
India Pakistan Relationship
Sardars Play Chess
Sardar and Binocular