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Azhar Interview

Azhar at the press conference after the victory (2nd league 
match with Pak at Sharjah)

press reporter (1) : Azhar, how does it feel to have won this 
match ?
Azhar : Well, you know how it is ....we batted badly, fielded 
badly and..
(manager geakwad comes running and whispers to Azharhar 
Azhar : actually...ummm, sorry!...what I meant was we won bec. 
we did NOT bat badly, bowl badly and field poorly

press reporter (2) : did you miss Sachin at this match ?
Azhar : miss sachin ?! what do you mean ? I keep regular touch 
with him over the phone, email etc. in fact, I just called and said "hi!"

press reporter (3) : how about your batting form ?
Azhar : my form is great...

press reporter (3) : but you got out to a slog shot...
Azhar : hey! it was not my fault...let me clarify this now...I 
did not want to hit that shot...I wont mention names but the non-striker 
asked me to hit that shot...again, I won't mention names...OK?

press reporter (3) : (puzzled) you mean ganguly ?
Azhar : no can be anybody....all I can say is it 
was the non-striker when I was playing...!!

press reporter (4) : this match did not help evaluate the new 
comers like kambli, shukla etc
Azhar : you are 100% right...again, I won't metion names but I 
told those 2 idiots who batted till the 48th over to get out soon! they 
wouldn't listen....they batted on and on...what can I say?! again, I 
won't say who??.

press reporter (5) : do you think your career was helped a lot 
by Lady Luck?
Azhar : lady who? I think you got my wife's name wrongly...her 
name is Lady Sangeeta ..but you can call her just Sangeeta....

press reporter (6) : what is the strategy for next match against 
Azhar : well, you know we might get ramesh...but he has no, we are requesting jadeja again to open...he 
says hecan't score more than 10 runs and he will not play more than first
3 overs whichever comes first...but he has lot of experience...if he 
doesn't agree, we might request siddhu or even gavaskar...after all, he 
is in the commentary box commenting about us all the time...let him try 
playing these pak bowlers...!!

press reporter (7) : and do you think we will win WC?
Azhar : good question, man! I sure hope these guys - sachin and 
the rest play a decent wife wants to spend atleast a month in 
England, you know...go to malls, watch wimbeldon live...

press reporter (8) : and what about you ?
Azhar : what a question to ask, man! of course, I also want to 
watch wimbledon live, you know - this steffi graf, "kya dikthi yaar"...

press reporter (9) : last one...what are the chances of match 
again pak on wed?
Azhar : well, you know...if we bat badly, bowl badly and field 
then we r surely going to loose the match........but if  I 
manage to get injured somehow....then there is a chance of wining the
OK....any more clarifications on wed match.......?

reporter(9):thank u sir..and we 'll pray for ur 
injury........thanks a lot.....

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