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New Year Resolutions

Policies, Principles  & Promises of 1999:-
  H.D.Deva Gowda           :-   I shall not sleep during conferences &
  Jayalalitha                   :-   If the State-Govt. troubles me I shall
  trouble the Center.
  Karunanidhi                   :-   If I can lift Jayalalitha from the
  center (no
                      pun intended),
                                     only then can I topple her.
  Chandrababu Naidu             :-   My laptop shall be my pillow & my bed
  Sonia Gandhi                  :-   1999 shall witness my poly-tricks as I
                      many jokers in                                   my
  Mamta Baneerjee               :-       In 1998 they hurt my back, now I
                      hurt them back.
  Jayalalitha & Mamta Baneerjee :-   1999 shall witness Spice “Girl-Power”.
  Mamta Kulkarni           :-   This year I promise to display the face that
                          attached to my body.
  Rekha                    :-   Alas!! I have got to close 16 this year.
  Sridevi                  :-   I promise not to break into families & beak
  George Fernandez         :-   One step against us & a holocaust for
  Abdul Kalam              :-   A bomb, is a bomb, is a bomb…..
  Sardajis                :-    To prevent pollution of the 5 rivers we shall
                          NEVER bathe.
  Christians              :-    Get thou behind me Shiv-Sehna.
  Shiv-Sehna              :-    The Paks shall not park here.
  J.H. Patel              :-    I shall stop being fond of fondling.
  Veerapan                :-    Police’s envy; Politicians pride.
  Subramania Swamy        :-    Behind every successful man there is a
                           Hey!! Jayalalitha, where are you???

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