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The Safe Sardar

A sardar, a Madrasi and a Gujarati were waiting for
a bus when a dangerous-looking guy approached them.
He suddenly pulled out a syringe with blood inside it
and said in a menacing tone - 

"Give me all your valuables or I'll pierce you with 
this needle. This contains AIDS infected blood!"

Our friends were naturally alarmed - all except the 
sardar. The Madrasi immediately gave away all his 
valuables. The Gujju bargained with the stranger and 
gave away half of his belongings. 

The sardar, however, was unfazed. He refused to part with his money.
In anger and frustration, the guy pricked the sardar
with the needle and ran away.

The alarmed Madrasi and Gujju asked the sardar -

" How could you do this? Now you will get AIDS surely!"

The sardar coolly replied - " No! I won't! I am wearing 
a condom". 

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