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Cricketer's Names

          Cricketers' names and what they really stand for
          Sanath - Swings At Nearly Anything That's Hurled
          Kambli - Killed All Mediocre Bowling, Left Immediately
          Kapil - Killed Aspiring Pacemen In Land
          Sohail - Swore Once, Heralding An Infamous Loss
          Prasad - Promised Revenge Against Sohail And Delivered
          More - Mouthing Obscene Rubbish Everywhere
          Gavaskar - Grafting Away Valiantly, Always Successfully Killed Any
          Goes Around Venting Angry Spiel Kicking About Rudely
          Azhar - At Zenith Had Ambrose Reeling
          Azharuddin - Almost Zaheer-like His Artistry, Rivetting Umpteen
              Doting Indian Nationals
          Vishy - Vodka Is Sweet, He Yells
          Tendulkar - Tiny, Exciting, Neverending Dynamo Undyingly Labours,
              Keeps A
          Amarnath - After Many A Reincarnation, Now Acknowledged Top Hand
          Prasanna - Prince Radiant Among Spinners, Astutely Nailed Nimble
          Bedi - Beautifully Executed Deliveries Indefinitely
          Chandra - Cleverly Hides Another Nagging Delivery Really Accurately
          Shastri - Shall His Achivements Still Truly Remain Interred?
          Srinath - Simply Ravishing Incutters, Not A Ten-wicket Haul |
          Kumble - Killer Universal, Makes Batsmen Leave Embarassed
          Sidhu - Shall I Drop Him Unfairly?
          Mongia - Many Of Nayan's Gatherings Instigate Admiration
          Chetan - Cantering Hurriedly, Ends-up Throwing Another No-ball
          Raman - Remember, All Madrasis Are Nervous
          Amol - Another Mumbai-ite Overly Lauded ?
          Muzumdar - Mediocre Underachiever Zealously Undertakes Many Drives And
          Ankola - Another Non Karnatakan Obviously Lacking Ability
          Kuruvilla - Keralite Under Relocation Ultimately Vanquished In Lady
          Waqar - With A Quirky Ambulating Run-up
          Qadir - Quirky And Dancing In Run-up
          Salim - Silken And Lovely is Malik
          Malik - Making A Little Illegally To Keep
          Miandad - Made India A Nation, Devastated And Demoralised
          Abbas - Another Batsman Better Against Spin
          Inzamam - In New Zealand A Magical Artillery Man
          Afridi - A Fabulous Record In Debut Innings
          Mushtaq - Maybe Under Shane, However Turns Amazingly Quickly
          Saqlain - Such A Queer Loser Against India Nowadays
          Saeed Anwar - Solid, Authoritative, Elegant, Energetic Destroyer And
          Will Act Rudely
          Muralitharan - Makes Umpires Really Anxious; Look Into The Hairy
          Read A Newsgroup
          Hadlee - Has Always Destroyed Lesser Experienced Enemies
          Botham - Bat Only To Hit Against Mediocres Brings Out The Hash After
          Lara - Loutish Although Really Amazing
          Richards - Risk In Crises Has Aroused Rare Devastating Shots
          Marshall - Murderous Angry Rebel Shall Harm All Lily-livered Lilies
           Bradman - Brilliant Ruler Always Delighted Many A Newcomer - Bragging
          Rights Always Demand Magnificently Astronomic Numbers
          Gatting - Glutton Aiming Towards Tons In Numerous Grounds 
                  -  God
                  that Tweaker Is Never Going |
          Gower - Gifts Of Willow Ever Resplendent Gentlemanly Outlook, Wants
          Garner - Giant Arms Really Necessitate Extreme Reactions
          Holding - He Often Laughingly Demolished Intently Navigating Grafters
          Border - Boisterous Old Rabbit Downed Enviable Records
          Boycott - Boring Old Yorkshireman Could Outlast Testing Times
          Hooper - Hopes Of Outstanding Performances Ever Ridiculed
          Illingworth - Idiotic Lousy Loser Invariably Never Grasped Worth of
          Ramprakash, Then Hick
          Sobers - Simply Outstanding Batsman Effortlessly Repeats Sixes
 Supreme -
          Only Bradman Ever Rated Similarly
          Kanhai - King Amongst Noblemen Hardly Affected Invidiously
          Hughes - Hellishly Ugly Guy Had Excellent Spells
          Jardine - Jeopardising All Relations, Dastardly Introduced Neanderthal
          Kalu - Keeping And Lashing Unendingly
          Donald - Don't Overdo, Nearly Another Ligament Damaged
          Rhodes - Rather Hyperactive Oddball Defies Expected Standards
          Wessels - Workmanlike Emigrator Scored Slowly Encompassing Lengthy
          Lillee - Loves Injuring Lily Livered Earnest Englishmen
          Knott - Keeper Number One, Tried & Tested
          Miller - Movie Idol Looks, Leading English Rout
          Twose - Trier Who Only Succeeded Emigrating
          Adams - Another Dasher Against Mediocre Spin
          Browne - Bottom Ranked Of Wicketkeepers Nearly EVER |  Bringing Really
          Ordinary Wicketkeeping Near Everybody
          Crowe - Can Really Overdo Whacking Everything
          Nash - Narcotics Aren't So Hot
          Hart - Hashish Ain't Really Terrific

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