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Zia and Pig


Pak dictator Zia is speeding through Germany with his chauffeur at the
wheel on his way to an important address. Driving down a country road, the
chauffeur (who is distracted, looking out the window at the countryside)
doesn't see a pig walk out onto the road, and he hits in with the car.

Stopping the car, he jumps out, and Zia climbs out also to see what is
going on. The chauffeur, very distressed by what he's done asks Zia
what they should do, and Zia tells him impatiently that they're in a
hurry and they should move the pig to the side of the road and go to the
address and worry about it later.

All the way to the address the chauffeur, who is a fairly good-hearted
person despite his employer, is worried about the family who owned the
pig and wondered how they'd react to discovering the pig, so when they
arrived he asked Zia whether he shouldn't drive back to the farm and
let them know what happened. 

Zia agrees before hurrying to the podium, and the Chauffeur hurries
back down the road.

Four hours later, he was stumbling down the road, his arms full of gifts.

Zia in a rage demands to know what has happened to him, and the
chauffeur explains, "I did what I thought was right.  I went to the farm
where he killed the pig.  When I went and knocked on the door and gave
them the news, they gave me these gifts, fed me the best food
I've ever tasted and then sent me on my way."

Zia seemed confused by this and asks his chauffeur, "well what exactly
did you tell them"

To which the chauffeur replied "I really can't understand it either, all I
did was tell them "I'm Zia's Chauffeur, and I killed the pig."