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* India wins Cricket match; 120 people die of shock
   * Bihar sold to Pakistan;  Resulted In an unrelated incident
     Literacy soars up to 86% in India
   * Self-immolation best bet to reduce population: Dept. of Family
   * Population Statistics: 42% - Literate, 58% - Politicians
   * MF Hussian paints Mulayam Singh Yadav nude
   * Flood in Bihar; 2 die of thirst
   * India wins Gold in India versus Rest Of India Games
   * Poverty to be eradicated in India using Virtual Reality Software
   * Laloo to be made National Animal
   * Freedom Fighters to be lathi-charged to commomerate 50 years of
   * Ramar Pillai produces Pottasium Permanganate from Rice, Water, a
     stick and some Pottasium Permanganate
   * No bombings in Kashmir today
   * Suit filed holding Rao responsible for Battle of Panipat, 1526
   * Ray of hope for India as Ravi Shastri retires
   * Doctorate conferred on Jayalalitha for completing 2 months in
   * Death penalty upheld for Attempted Suicide victim